Bugs & Beer Pairing / with Chef Gouttebel

Ever worry about your protein intake? Feel like you’re lacking something nutritionally that perhaps you might find with a good helping of beer & the odd bug? 🐛🍺 Well, this is your lucky day! For the FIRST TIME EVER (at Jekylls), we are creepily proud to introduce the master of edible bugs, Chef Gouttebel, who will be providing us with some tasty ‘snacks’ to go with your pint! Nuts are so last year, bugs are the future! #edibleinsects 🕷🐜🐛 Gouttebel is a catering and import company of edible insects, and they’ve been doing this since 2015. Gouttebel will bring the likes of grasshoppers and buffalo worms and we will instinctively pair them with something nice to drink. What an experience! 🐛🦂 The doors open at 13.00 and Gouttebel will be serving their delicious creatures from 18.00. Entry is free but space is limited so make sure to be here in good time. We hope to see you here, even if it’s just to satisfy your curiousity! 🤔😜